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How do I recognise a bed bug bite?

The key problem with bed bug bites is that they are ambiguous. They are often easily confused with other insect’s bites such as mosquitoes, ants or fleas. It is very important with bed bug infestations that bed bugs are identified quickly to prevent the rapid spread. 

The main characteristics of bed bug bites are:

  • A red raised itchy bump with a clear centre
  • A red itchy bump with a dark centre and lighter swollen surrounding area.
  • Small red bumps surrounded by blisters or hives.
  • Any of the marks mentioned above, in areas of the skin that remain uncovered whilst you sleep.
  • Marks following a unique pattern; clusters in a zig-zag formation or straight lines (these are typical bed bug patterns)
In most cases, you will not need bed bug bite treatments and like most other bites, they should disappear on there own.

Are all bed bug bites the same?

The simple answer is no. Whilst there are patterns and similarities that we have previously mentioned, it is very difficult to diagnose purely based on bites. Different types of skin react differently to these bites, and it will depend on how sensitive the surface is.

If you suspect that you have bed bug bites, give us a call to have a chat to one of our experts.


Bed Bug bite Treatment

In most cases, bed bug bites will get better on their own within 2 weeks. If you need to relieve symptoms healthline online advises the following:

  • Apply anti-itch cream or calamine lotion to bites. This can be purchased over the counter in all pharmacies and supermarkets. 
  • Oral antihistamines can be taken to reduce itching and burning sensations.
  • Over the counter pain relief can provide relief of swelling and pain.

In rare cases, bedbug bites can cause allergic reactions. If this occurs then call 999 for further assistance.

Home remedies include simply washing the affected area with soap and water. Bites leave your skin exposed, so you must practice good hygiene to avoid any infections. Furthermore, ensuring your hands are washed and kept clean to keep dirt and bacteria away from the affected area. Whilst the bed bug bites will be very itchy, not scratching them is essential. You can hurt yourself more and leave your skin more vulnerable to possible infections.

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