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What are bed bug heat treatments?

Bed bug heat treatment is the most effective way of exterminating bed bugs. It is a non-chemical process of eliminating entire bed bug populations for all life stages (egg, nymph & adult ) and are used to treat entire rooms and buildings. Bed bug heat treatments are often much less disruptive than doing insecticidal sprays that require multiple visits to gain control, where as heat treatment can be done during one visit and the area that is being treated can still be used later that day.

Increasingly we are observing bed bugs having an immunity to some chemicals which have previously been used in the fight against bed bugs, which is why heat treatment is the most effective method of controlling. Please see the short video below from the BBC testing this theory on some bed bugs in London.

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How Do Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work?

Historically, bed bugs have been treated using insecticidal sprays. However, over time, bed bugs have built up immunity to insecticides, and insecticidal treatments are no longer the ‘go to method’ for controlling these pests. Bed bug heat treatments target a weakness that cannot be overcome by resistance. Bed bugs are just like us and are made up of proteins and enzymes. When heat is applied to the room, the bed bugs absorb this heat. Once they have been subject to this heat, it destroys the proteins and enzymes- and therefore kills the bed bugs. Heat is distributed to all areas of the rooms, penetrating cracks and crevices- these are very difficult to reach with other control measures. Each area of the room is monitored carefully to ensure all areas are heated up to the correct temperature, and for the optimum amount of time.

What are the advantages of bed bug heat treatments?

  • Bed bugs may be immune to insecticidal sprays.
  • Most treatments will only take one day to complete and once treatment has been finished, the room is able to be used.
  • All life stages of the bed bugs are killed using heat in just one treatment.
  • Heat can reach cracks and crevices and areas in the room that other methods cannot.
  • Heat treatment with us will be conducted discreetly.
  • The bed bug heat treatment will kills the bed bugs in hours- other methods often take days and weeks.

Preparation for a bed bug heat treatment

In the majority of cases, there isn’t much preparation that is needed be done prior to a bed bug heat treatment. However, there are certain materials and objects that need to be moved and this will be covered in the survey we conduct for you.

Relocation of certain items will be required, such as aerosols, exposed foods and drinks, medicines, wax items, animal fur items and flammable objects such as lighters and fuel lamps and oil paintings. When we conduct our survey we will have a tick list so that we can help with anything that needs relocating.

For the heat treatment to work effectively, it is important to declutter rooms- this will allow heat to penetrate all areas. For example, putting clothes on hangers and making the floor space clear for our team to maneuver in.

What is the cost of a bed bug heat treatment?

The bed bug heat treatment cost will depend on the size of the area needed to be treated and the accessibility for the team to carry out the treatment. A member of our team will attend to complete an inspection of the property and assess the exact treatment plan that is required.  Generally, our prices for a bed bug heat treatment start from £995.00 – this comes with a guarantee of up to 30 days post-treatment. 

Heat Treatments for hotels and care homes

Heat treatments for bed bugs in large commercial buildings such as hotels and care homes are not only effective, but relatively undisruptive. Unlike chemical treatments which are carried out over a series of weekly sprays, heat treatment is a single treatment solution. In most cases treatments carried out will be across 5/6 rooms per day and will be rotated until all rooms are completed, this can be amended based on requirements. This will allow the building to continue to function for its served purpose.

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