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We understand that finding bed bugs in your home is a problem nobody wants to encounter.  We are committed to a fast turn around on our treatments so you don’t have to wait. All of our combination treatments will commence on the same day we conduct the survey!

Our two treatment plans currently available are:

Heat treatment only 
After the initial survey we will arrange a time and date for our specialist heat treatment team to complete the bed bug heat treatment. This will usually be within 48 hours to one week. In most home, the treatment will take a single day and your home will be beg bug free following this. For details relating to the heat treatments we carry out, check out our bed bug heat treatment page 

Combination Treatment  
If  you are looking for urgent action, then this is the treatment option for you. We will  begin the bed bug treatment on the day we arrive to complete a survey. This will incur an additional cost and will consist of a professional vacuum, insecticidal spray and diatomaceous earth treatment. Each room will be out of bounds for four hours after treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment- Combination treatment

The initial part is identifying the insect and preliminary treatment. In order to find evidence of a bed bug infestation we will usually require removing items such as headboards and other removable parts of the bed. If you can capture a bed bug, we offer a free identification service. This can completed instantly over email, Whatsapp or any other available communications to speed up the process for you.

Once we have identified that bed bugs are present, we can begin treatment the same day using a combination of detailed vacuum, UV light, insecticidal spray and diatomaceous earth application. We recommend to allow around 1-2 hours for this and to leave around 4 hours after the spray before re-entering the room.


The heat treatment will kill all life stages of the bed bugs by denaturing the proteins and enzymes essential for them to survive- resulting in death. In order to do this, we use a variety of heat treatment units that are suitable for different sized rooms and conditions. Temperature sensors are strategically placed around the room and linked to a computer system. Data is logged through the process, producing a graph for a delivery report- ensuring the most effective treatment is taking place.

A successful bed bug heat treatment is obtained by using specialised convection heaters which gradually heat the room up. Then hot air is circulated penetrating cracks and crevices where the bed bugs like to hide. During this process your furniture and materials will not be damaged by the heating process. During the survey,  a checklist will be completed by our specialist, and will highlight any items of concern before proceeding with the treatment.

We aim to complete most bed bug heat treatments in one day, however this will depend on the size of the property or premises we are treating.

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We offer a 30 day guarantee with all treatments

Bed bug Extermination - treatment timeline

First Visit
Bed Bug Survey
One of our experts will attend to conduct a free survey. During this visit we will inspect the area to identify the presence of bed bugs. (We also offer a free identification service via email).
First Visit
First Visit
Treatment (Vacuum, Insecticidal Spray & diatomaceous earth)
Once we have identified bed bugs, we can begin treatment the same day. This will include a professional UV light vacuum, insecticidal sprays and diatomaceous earth treatment.
First Visit
Return Visit ( usually within 1-2 weeks later )
Heat Treatment
Bed bug heat treatment will usually take a day to complete for most residential homes. Depending on the level of infestation will depend how many days after the initial treatment we start.
Return Visit ( usually within 1-2 weeks later )
24 Hours After Heat Treatment
30 Warranty Period
The warranty period has begun, if on the very unlikely chance you are still experiencing issues with bed bug. Please send us any photo evidence and we will return free of charge to resolve.
24 Hours After Heat Treatment

HOW do BED BUG TREATMENTS WORK? ( combination Treatment )

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Initial survey to identify bed bugs

Our team will carefully inspect the suspected area for bed bugs, this may involve dismantling beds , removing the headboards, plug sockets and inspecting various pieces of furniture in the room. Once bed bugs have been identified we will continue to inspect neighbouring rooms either side and above and below until there are no signs of bed bugs.

Once bed bugs has been identified we will then instantly work on the removal of bed bugs from the property. 

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Detailed Vacuum of affected areas

The initial step for our team will be to carry out a detailed vacuum and UV treatment of the affected areas. This will help to reduce the number of bed bugs and clear up any eggs that are present. This is particularly effective for large infestations.

The specialised vacuums we use are encased and the contents will be taken away and disposed- so there is no risk to further contamination. They are fitted with powerful UV lights;  used to penetrate and kill bed bugs, mites, and other microorganisms.

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Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring product, and very effective bed bug control measure. It works by  absorbing the  protective oily layer that covers their exoskeletons.  Without this protective layer, the bed bugs will begin to dehydrate and die within just a couple of hours.

A specialised applicator is used to apply the dust to all areas suspected to infested with bed bugs. This includes; cracks and crevices mostly on furniture, windowsills, door jams and behind electrical faceplates, switchers and outlets. A thin layer can also be applied to furniture and mattresses depending on the level of infestations.

We recommend leaving the diatomaceous earth applied as long as possible to ensure it remains effective, this can be removed before the heat treatment if required.


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Now we have completed a clean and rapid knockdown of bed bugs, it is time to apply an insecticidal spray to affected and neighbouring rooms either side, above and below (if applicable) . The insecticidal spray will be applied to the frame of the bed, headboard, skirting and carpeted areas. The spray we use remains effective against bed bugs for around 10-14 days after application.

Once we have sprayed the rooms, we recommend that the room is not accessed for four hours to allow the insecticide to settle, after this, it will be safe to enter the room. 

Our experts have access to a range of insecticides depending on the situation        (pets, young children etc.)  We have a solution for each scenario that is safe and effective to complete the treatment.

Bed bug heat treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bug heat treatment is the final stage of the treatment, This ensures we achieve total control over bed bugs. Every room that requires treating will be heated up and held at a heat of 50°C – 55 °C for a period of time. This will penetrate all areas and kill the bed bugs. Specialised convection heaters  are used to heat up the rooms. This produces hot air which is circulated  around the room penetrating all the cracks and crevices where bed bugs are hiding. To ensure all the areas reach the correct temperature sensors are placed in the room to record the temperature, and also ensures the correct temperature has been maintained for the perfect amount of time in the rooms.

How does heat kill the bed bugs?

Bed bugs are made up of proteins, when the cell is heated up to around 45°C or greater the DNA, proteins, enzymes etc. within the cells start to breakdown, until the cell ceases to function. Therefore if you heat up a room to this temperature and hold the temperature for a period of time, the heat will be absorbed into the bed bugs- therefore killing them. This is particularly effective as it targets all areas including those hard to reach- which insecticidal sprays, diatomaceous earth and vacuuming are unable to do so. 

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30 Day Warranty & Guarantee

At Bed Bug Treatment Pros we take pride in the work that we do and are confident that we will eradicate all signs of bed bugs using our specialised treatment model.

With all treatments- we offer we supply a 30 day warranty period if you experience any signs of live bed bugs. Simply send us a photograph via email showing that there is still an issue and we will send out an expert free of charge to resolve the issue.

We are confident that this will not happen.


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