How to Prevent Bed bugs?

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What Can I do to prevent a bed bug infestation?

Preventing bed bugs from entering your home or business is a difficult task, they are usually picked up whilst travelling and are difficult to see, but by taking small measures you can help prevent bed bug infestations. 

  1.  Mattress covers – You can prevent bed bugs from infecting your bed by encasing your mattress  in a plastic protective cover. There are plastic covers available that are designed for this purpose. These are more effective than regular sheets or mattress covers. This cover acts as a barrier if the bed bugs are present on the mattress.
  2. Inspecting beds whilst travelling – The most common way to bring bed bugs in your home is travel, commonly picked up in hotels and B&Bs. On arrival inspect the area for bed bugs, check around the bed frame, headboard and where possible behind the bed and mattress. Check out domyown’s guide for greater detail.
  3. Using luggage racks in hotels – If you are lucky enough to have a travel rack at the hotel you are staying or there is an area away from the bed that is raised. Place your luggage in these areas to mimimise chances of bed bugs harboring.
  4. Hot wash and vacuum – If you believe the place you have stayed at has got an active bed bug infestation, it is recommend to vacuum and wash the travel bag and to place all clothing on the highest heat possible to eliminate any risk of bed bugs.
  5. Inspect furniture – Another common way bed bugs managed to get into your home and business are  via second hand furniture. With all furniture you buy which has had a previous home, thoroughly inspect all areas especially cracks and crevices and vacuum before bringing into your home.

I suspect I have bed bugs, what now?

The simple fact is it is very easy to bring bed bugs into your home or work without knowing, this in no way reflects standards of cleanliness and will usually occur as a matter of chance. If you believe you have bed bugs in your home it is always best to give us a call, whilst waiting for treatment there are a few measures you can take;

  • Wash and dry your clothes on a high heat, we recommend where possible to be 60 degrees or above.
  • Keep your property clear from clutter, this will remove many potential hiding spots for the bed bugs.
  • One you confirm you have a bed bug infestation do not travel around or you will risk transferring the infestation.
  • Intense vacuuming to all cracks and crevices will help remove the population.


How to prevent bed bugs

How to check for bed bugs

Identification– bed bugs are small insects that look like apple seeds, they have an oval-shaped body, six legs, and two antennae. They are reddish-brown, and the males are usually a bit more elongated than the females. If you can recognise them, you can start preventing or getting rid of them..

Bed Bug Bites Symptoms: Bed bugs buds tend to be clusters of small red bumps that look like an allergic reaction and follow a zig-zag or straight pattern. It all comes with an itchy sensation. Also, they usually leave dark spots of dry blood on your sheets and bed clothing.

Know where they hide: Almost anywhere that can fit a credit card is the type of place bed bugs can hide. They need darkness, warmth, and proximity to their food source, so check all areas beginning with your bed, bed frame, headboard, mattress, box spring, and the wall behind it.

Reduce places where they can hide: having cluttered items in your house will create a lot of space for bed bugs to hide. Get rid of any unwanted object and avoid clutter. Also, repair or remove peeling wallpaper, tighten loose electrical plates, and fix any cracks or crevices you find on your walls or furniture.

Be careful about what you bring to your house: before bringing home any furniture, especially second-hand furniture, perform an exhaust check for bed bugs. They love to travel and can enter your house, hiding in any furniture they can. Also check recently bought items, because they can also find a way to sneak in those. Before bringing a new mattress to your home, make sure it is completely sealed.

Be careful when you travel: hotels and resorts can also have bed bugs, and they can climb onto your luggage a go home with you. Make sure always to put your luggage on a luggage rack, away from the walls and the bed. When you go back home, vacuum your luggage before opening it and toss all your clothes into your dyer with the highest temperature for at least 15 minutes.

Give Bed Bed Treatment Pros as call: Dealing with bed bugs can be stressful, we promise to take this stress away from you and deal with the infestations.

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