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The rise of bed bugs in London

How do bed bugs end up in London?

You may be wondering how you have ended up with a bed bug infestation? Quite simply, wherever people live, bed bugs live too! With everyone leading such busy lives in London and with an increasing population, it is no wonder that bed bugs are thriving in our capital. People often pick up bed bugs while travelling from place to place and then carry them into hotels or their homes. The worrying thing about bed bugs is they can live for several months or even a year without water or food, meaning they are an incredibly resilient pest that will be determined to infest your home! So, worried about a bed bug problem in London? Keep on reading!

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that will feed on human and animal blood. Although they don’t transmit any known infections, they will leave their hosts with nasty, itchy welts.  Bed bugs are a reddish-brown colour and have an oval shaped body with some adult bed bugs growing to the size of an apple seed. Although you can see an adult bed bug with the naked eye, they are very skilled at hiding in nooks and crannies often meaning they aren’t discovered until the house is infested, which is why so many people are having bed bug problems in London!

I have a bed bug problem, how can I get rid of them?

Many people often ask  whether regular vacuuming or steaming their houses will eradicate the problem and although this does indeed help, this will not solve the problem. These pesky critters require the help from licensed and trained professionals in order to deliver specialised treatment that will guarantee the bed bud problem is no more! We would always:

-Fully inspect your home prior to any treatment to confirm bed bugs are an issue.

-Treat your home using either a heat or chemical method to eradicate these pests.

– Carry out final checks to make sure the bed bugs are gone.

How can I protect myself?

If you are a resident living in London or regularly travel to the capital for work and know that bed bugs has been or is a problem for you there are some simple ways you can protect yourself and your family.  These include:

  • Regularly inspecting your furniture, bed and house for signs of bed bugs which often include blood stains on bedding or bed bug droppings on furniture.
  • Never bringing old bed frames or mattresses into your home.
  • Washing any clothing and luggage as soon as you return from a trip.

 I regularly visit hotels in London, what can I do?

Many bed bug infestations in London are due to hotels becoming infested and unsuspecting visitors taking these creatures home with them from business trips and holidays. There are a few tips and tricks you can use in order to protect yourself from bed bugs. These include:

-Storing any luggage on the luggage racks provided or placing your cases in the bathroom.

-Once you have checked in, look for bed bugs in the bed by pulling back the sheets and checking behind the headboard.

-If you see any signs of bed bugs, request another room immediately and inform the hotel of the issues you have found.

So, think you may have a bed bug problem in London? Don’t stress, there are many options available to rid you of these creepy crawlies!

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