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Bed Bugs Overview

When facing bed bugs, there is an additional problem rather than just the infestation; the stigma. People tend to associate bed bugs with dirty places and lack of hygiene, and some people think that bed bugs do not exist in the UK. Those beliefs make it extremely hard for people to recognise a growing infestation at their homes, most of the times, they end up realising they need a bed bug removal when the outbreak is at a massive level

Bed Bugs London and the UK:

Bed bugs are ancient; they have been around us since humans started to live in caves thousands of years ago. They have grown with us and have moved from one place to another because they feed on human blood. As long as humans moved and traveled to other areas, bed bugs followed them.

A massive bed bug infestation occurred in the UK back at the end of WWII, at least 33% of the homes in the UK reported an outbreak. The methods for a bed bugs pest control were based on chemicals and pesticides, and they worked fine. However, in recent years, specifically since 2006, they have made an enormous comeback, and to our surprise, they have become resistant to the vast majority of insecticides and chemical products.

Why did they come back?

Most experts think they never disappeared, the number of infestations became lower and remain stable for many years. That made us relax on the topic and forget about them. The lack of awareness is one of the reasons why it is so difficult for us to deal with them nowadays because we grew up thinking that bed bugs weren’t a problem in the UK or that they only appear in dirty places.

Bed bugs and dirtiness have nothing in common; they can be everywhere, from the less hygienic places to fancy resorts and 5-stars hotels.

Another main reason for their comeback is global traveling. When people travel to other places, they can carry bed bugs with them. Nowadays, it is effortless to go from one country to another, and bed bugs are excellent hiders and travelers. Their ability is so strong that they can now be found on airplane seats and public buses too. You don’t have to travel abroad to carry bed bugs inside your home.

What can we do about it?

With the number of bed bugs infestations growing in our country, we need to become more aware of the signs of an infestation and the possible hiding places in our rooms and houses. Bed bugs are tiny creatures that love to hide near beds and areas where people sleep, so you need to inspect your mattress, bedframe, walls, and carpets. If you think you have an infestation at your home, or you need a bed bug removal in London, Bed Bug Treatment Pros has the solution for you. We offer bed bugs heat treatment and other efficient methods to completely get rid of those undesirable bugs. Our team is always ready to perform inspections and offer you many solutions for bed bug removal. That way, you’ll recover the peace at your house and won’t have to worry about bed bugs for a long time.

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