four signs of bed bugs

Four signs of bedbugs

Bedbugs are small insects that feed off of the blood of animals and humans. They are speedy critters that move quickly over furniture, floors, ceilings and walls. The worrying thing about bedbugs is that the females will lay hundreds of eggs at a time, the size of a speck of dust! This has become a real problem for many home owners as you simply cannot see the hundreds of eggs with the naked eye. What to know more about the signs of bedbugs? 

First sign of bedbugs- bites

Bedbugs are extremely active at night and often bite unsuspecting victims whilst they are sleeping. Bedbugs feed by piercing the skin and sucking blood through their beaks, feeding on the host for 3 to 10 minutes and then crawling away once they are engorged.  A particular sign of a bedbug bite is an itchy welt that will appear on areas of the skin that are exposed during the night time; the face, neck and arms are popular feeding spots for a bedbug!  Often, people don’t realise they have a bedbug infestation as they commonly attribute these itchy welts to flea or mosquito bites.  These blood suckers often leave their victims feeling red and itchy and rarely with severe allergic reactions! If you have experienced this first sign of bedbugs it is always best to investigate the cause!

Second sign of bedbugs- stains on furniture

If you are waking up itching with welts over your body you may want to start investigating a further sign of bedbugs-stains! You may notice blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases which is always an unpleasant find! This is from the critters feeding on their victim at night and leaving a small blood spot. They also frequently leave excrement patches on furniture and bedding; often appearing as rusty, brown spots! We would always recommend doing a thorough investigation of your furniture and bedding if you notice any of these signs of bedbugs. Checking in small cracks and crevices is also recommended such as inside books, the edges of carpets and the seams in the wooden frame of a bed. If you suspect bedbugs, you will need to get it treated! 

Third sign of bedbugs- live insects

Although bedbugs are tiny, a fully grown adult can be seen with the naked eye. These creepy crawlies can grow up to 5mm long, which is equivalent to an apple seed, so it is possible to spot them crawling around your property! It is important to recognise the difference between bedbugs and other insects as they can often be confused. You are generally looking for an adult bedbug to be a reddish brown colour with an oval shaped body, wings and a musty smell. It is also worth bearing in mind that young bedbugs aren’t visible to the naked eye so spotting other signs of an infestation is a must!

Fourth sign of bedbugs-your friends or family have them!

An unusual sign that you may have bedbugs is if your friends or family members have an infestation in their property. It always surprises people that bedbugs can spread from person to person and if you have been to someone’s house where bedbugs is an issue they may be returning with your to your own home! It is important to recognise that bedbugs are not a sign that your house is dirty or unkempt. These bedbugs are just uninvited guests that like to make themselves at home… and at a rapid rate!

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