what do bed bug bites look like

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

What are the Symptoms of bed bug bites?

Irritation and itchiness would be the first symptoms. Usually you will find a pattern or cluster of bites in one area and that is an indication that they are bed bug bites, however bed bug bites cannot be distinguished from the ones caused by other biting insects such as mosquito or fleas as each person will react differently to bites.

Do not scratch the bed bug bites as it may cause further irritation and infection and ensure the area is kept clean. In rare cases severe symptoms like difficulty in breathing or irregular heartbeat can also be seen,  in such a case, immediately seek medical assistance.

Bed bug bites treatment

Generally, the swells reduce within a week or two. To get relief, you can use an anti-itch cream or calamine lotion. Additionally, you can use an antihistamine and a pain reliever. At times people develop cellulitis due to bed bugs. To reduce the risk of such infections or allergic reactions, you must always clean the swells and never scratch them. But if the swellings increase or any severe symptoms is noticed, then you must immediately seek medical attention.

How do you control bed bugs?

If you suspect bud begs in your house, you must immediately call for Bed Bug Treatment Pros, where will be able to assist you. Whilst waiting for our team to arrive, you can do the following;

  • Vacuum or steam clean your mattress, pillows, and bedside areas regularly.
  • Vacuum furniture items that have cracks or crevices.
  • Fill or cover any cracks, open areas, and crevices in your house.
  • Launder clothes regularly and do not keep them open.
  • At home and during travel, do not keep your bags and luggage on the bed.
  • Always wash your hands and keep yourself sterilised.

If you become aware of bed bug, it will help prevent an infestation . Take care, sleep tight, and do not allow the beg bugs to bite.


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