What causes bed bugs

What Causes Bed bugs?

What causes bed bugs?

If you have a bed bug infestation at your home or business premise, you are probably wondering ‘what causes bed bugs?’ or ‘where do bed bugs come from?’. Firstly, let’s talk about bed bugs a little more so you can understand why they are at your home or business..

Bed bugs are biting and blood-eating pests, and will locate their prey through heat- therefore, we (humans) are perfect for them! Bed bugs are brown-reddish in colour and very small and flat, allowing them to hide even in the smallest of places- such as tiny cracks and crevices.    

So, what causes bed bugs? A huge misconception is that bed bug infestations are caused by dirt and filth, however, they are not attracted to this and can live in ANY environment, even the most clean and tidy places- as long as they have access to their food. 

One of the biggest causes of bed bugs is actually a huge lack of awareness. The more you learn about bed bugs and what causes bed bugs, the better you will be at keeping them out of your home or business for good!

Finding bed bugs in your house or business in the first place means that someone who lives or works there has been to a place, most likely unknowingly has a bed bug infestation. This could include, staying at a friend or family’s house, or working in a bed bug infested office.

Bed bugs are very good at hitchhiking- they are easily transported in luggage, clothes and other personal belongings between businesses such as hotels and care homes, and into your home.

Frequent travellers have a much higher chance of transporting bed bugs home. Bed bugs are often found in hotels and other forms of lodging, and also in transportation methods such as planes and trains resulting in then latching onto your clothing or luggage.

Another very common cause of bed bugs is in second-hand and vintage furniture. Many who choose this furniture also unknowingly transport bed bugs back into their homes that are breeding and harbouring within them. Many home-owners will not realise until there is a bed bug infestation.

There are many products available which claim to get rid of bed bugs, however, it is highly recommended that you speak to a professional team and seek advice or a suitable treatment from them.  If you find that you have a bed bug infestation at your home or business, bed bug heat treatment specialists have years of experience and knowledge in understanding the behaviour of the bed bugs, and conducting the correct treatments to successfully eradicate them. We know everything about their life cycles, and can identify their favourite hiding spots.  Contact a member of our leading bed bug heat treatment team today to book in your free consultation. 

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